Limited Medical Savings Programs

  • NBBI Choice Preferred

    NBBI Choice Preferred $250 Per Day Hospital Confinement

  • NBBI Choice Premium

    NBBI Choice Premium $500 Per Day Hospital Confinement

  • NBBI Choice Platinum

    NBBI Choice Platinum $1000 Per Day Hospital Confinement

  • Dental

    Dentachoice Plus

  • NBBI Pet

    Pet Prescription and Veterinary Savings

  • NBBI TelePet

    24/7/365 access to a dedicated team of Veterinarian telehealth specialists


"The prescription card is helping us tremendously. “Daughter” has one medication our insurance won't pay for. It is $1998 per month. With the discount card it is $49.64. And, not only does “Daughter” take it, “Son” was recently diagnosed with the same thing “Daughter” has and he is now taking it too! So, our family thanks you for that, as we would be at about $4000 a month rather than $100. Thanks again." - ND

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